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Path of Exile – Heist Content Update 3.12.0 Patch Notes

Please note: Patch 3.11.2 contained a broad restructure to Path of Exile’s file system that necessitated a complete redownload of all game files. If you did not update the Path of Exile game cli...

Path of Exile – 3.11.2 & 3.11.2b Patch Notes

3.11.2b Patch Notes You can now create Private Leagues for Heist, ahead of the league’s launch on September 18. These leagues will not begin until Heist launches. Harvest characters will soon be...

Path of Exile – 3.11.1f Patch Notes

3.11.1f Patch Notes: Bloom is now applied after Exposure, resulting in a game-wide reduction of bloom’s intensity, especially in dark areas. Added a Bloom slider in the Graphics Options, allowin...

Path of Exile – 3.11.1d Patch Notes

Areas in the Labyrinth created by Gifts, Tributes or Dedications to the Goddess for which instances have previously been opened and then timed out will no longer grant items or experience when re-ente...

Path of Exile – 3.11.1c Patch Notes

3.11.1c Hotfix Patch Notes Fixed a rare issue where Small Cluster Jewels could be rolled so that it appeared that they granted two Notable passive skills. This is a visual issue only. This patch has b...

Path of Exile – 3.11.1b Patch Notes

Fixed a bug where some Harvest crafts could change a Maximum Resistance modifier into another Maximum Resistance modifier that could not ordinarily exist on the item slot. Fixed a bug where Lifeforce ...

Path of Exile – 3.11.0f & 3.11.1 Patch Notes & Hotfix

3.11.1 Hotfix Fixed a bug where the Vivid Devourer Bulb effect could sometimes fail to apply when harvested. 3.11.1 Patch Notes: Harvest Improvements Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and the Heart of the Grove ...

Path of Exile – 3.11 The Harvest Challenge League Full Patch Notes | 3.11.0e

3.11.0e Patch Notes Fixed an issue where some Harvest monsters would flee much more often than intended. Fixed a bug where some Unique items were yielding more Perandus Coins than intended when sacrif...

Path of Exile – 3.10 DELIRIUM All Updates & Hotfixes | 3.10.2c

3.10.2c Update Added the Malice and Benevolence Supporter Packs. There are two price points available for each and they feature exclusive armour sets as well as cloaks, wings, weapon effects, weapon s...

Path of Exile – 3.9.3 Full Patch Notes | Delirium Challenge League

The Delirium Challenge League Challenge leagues are a great opportunity for a fresh start in a new economy. All of your old characters and items are still present in the Standard and Hardcore leagues,...

Latest News

Path of Exile – The Void Weapon Effect and Weapon Skin & Void Portal Effect & The Angels and Demons Mystery Box Soundtrack

Void Portal Effect The mysterious Void Portal Effect encapsulates the darkness of the void within a blue crystal casing. Check the video below: The Angels and Demons Mystery Box Soundtrack For Free Th...[Read More]

Path of Exile – The Synthesis Flashback Event Begins !

The Synthesis Flashback Event starts in less than 24 hours! Be sure to join the event not only to have some fun and complete your challenges in the Synthesis League, but also to have a chance of winni...[Read More]

Path of Exile – Map Stash Tab UPGRADE !

In December 2017, we introduced the Map Stash Tab, which allows players to conveniently store up to 72 of every type of Map from a specific series. At the time it was introduced, there were four serie...[Read More]

Path of Exile – 3.7 First Info

Path of Exile developers explained what they are planning nn 3.7 Update. Here are the details; In Synthesis, we performed an extensive rebalance of Spellcasting throughout Path of Exile. A lot of this...[Read More]

Path of Exile – Synthesis *End of League* Event Leaked

Path of Exile developers just announced the end-of-league event schedule. Here is what they said; We are just over a month into the Synthesis League. As we look ahead to the remainder of the league, w...[Read More]

Path of Exile – What is Synthesis | FAQ

Path of Exile: Synthesis has been out for 3 weeks now and while the community has done a lot of the exploration of the league and its mechanics, we wanted to share an FAQ for those who may still be wo...[Read More]

Path of Exile – Betrayal Passive Tree & Item Filter Information

Passive Tree Data We’ve listed the changes to the passive tree in the Patch Notes but if you’re a community tool creator, you can find the JSON data here. If you’re not sure what to ...[Read More]

Path of Exile – Balance Changes in Betrayal Patch

Balance Changes in Path of Exile: Betrayal Every release, we choose some specific game balance issues and gameplay limitations to address and adjust. The patch notes tomorrow will provide the comprehe...[Read More]

Path of Exile – Betrayal Challenge Rewards RELESASED ! | Hideout Migration

In the Betrayal League you’ll have the option to complete 40 new challenges and earn exclusive microtransaction rewards. At 12, 24 and 36 challenges you will earn the Betrayal Helmet Attachment,...[Read More]

Path of Exile – Betrayal | 4 NEW MAP VIDEO !

In Path of Exile: Betrayal, Dev’s are working hard and they are introducing four new maps! The Primordial Blocks map contains a new boss fight. They have prepared a new gameplay teaser of this b...[Read More]

Path of Exile
Release Date:23.10.2013
Genre:Action, Free to Play, RPG
Developed By:Grinding Gear Games
Publisher:Grinding Gear Games

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Path of Exile – 3.11.2 & 3.11.2b Patch Notes

3.11.2b Patch Notes You can now create Private Leagues for Heist, ahead of the league’s launch on September 18. These leagues will not begin until Heist l...

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