Rainbow Six: Siege – New Event : SHOWDOWN AT FORT TRUTH

Rainbow Six: Siege – New Event : SHOWDOWN AT FORT TRUTH

They roam across the land, bringing order to those who ain’t got any, and they ain’t about to let nobody stop them. They are The Law.

On the opposite side, the lawbreaking Graveltop Gang. Some say that gunpowder runs through their veins. The only thing they believe in is gold, and they will grab it by hook or by crook.

These two have grudges to settle… and bodies to bury.







Howdy, hoss! Today, you get to shape the Legend of Fort Truth, a brand new 3v3 Secure Area map created specifically for this event. Your posse of three will face off against another trio to overtake the ruins of Fort Truth and its mountain of gold. But don’t forget the golden rule: only BOSG.12.2 and Magnum LFP586 are allowed in this here shootout. Let’s make it a fair fight!

Decked out in shiny new attire from the Showdown Collection, you need to make every bullet count and trust your grit because that’s all you can rely on. You’ll know the meaning of tactical realism with a limited HUD where your health, ammo and crosshair are stripped.

[2019-06-25] Showdown - Img1


In the Wildest days of the West, two factions clashed on many occasions. Faced with justice, the vile Graveltop Gang always managed to vanish into the desert. That is until they finally faced off in the husk of an old fort. That day, they say bullets rained like never before.

Meet The Law, or the big guns as we like to call ’em. There’s never been a band of gunslingers more dedicated to justice:

  • Erik “Maverick” Thorn
  • Eliza “Ash” Cohen
  • Emmanuelle “Twitch” Pichon
  • Vicente “Capitão” Souza
  • Timur “Glaz” Glazkov

They’re on a hunt to arrest their sworn enemies, the ghastly Graveltop Gang. These bandits let their guns do the talking, and they don’t know what surrender means:

  • Aria “Alibi” de Luca
  • Jalal “Kaid” El Fassi
  • Taina “Caveira” Pereira
  • Adriano “Maestro” Martello
  • Julien “Rook” Nizan

What happened between the two made history… although the telling of the tale varies. What side are you on?


Want to add more loot to your stash? Log in during the event to get your free Showdown Collection Packor complete the Ubisoft Club Event challenges to earn a pack and a unique weapon skin for the BOSG.12.2.

As you relive the tale, you can get your fill of western duds with the Showdown Collection’s customization items. There are 31 exclusive items for you to obtain, the very same your Event Operators will be wearing and more. There won’t be no duplicates in your pack, sheriff’s honor. Each Showdown Pack costs 300 R6 credits.

[2019-06-25] Showdown - Img2


Find out all information about the Showdown event on our website and on Twitter.

We’ll see you down the trail, partner! YEEHAW!

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