H1Z1 – PS4 Official Launch Date

H1Z1 – PS4 Official Launch Date

With the end of Open Beta around the corner, here are the answers to some of your frequently-asked launch day questions


What happens to all the skins and items I’ve unlocked during Open Beta on launch day?

Any in-game items that you’ve purchased or unlocked prior to launch will remain on your account.

What happens to my Open Beta account level on launch day?

Your account level will be replaced with your Battle Pass season level on launch day. This level will reset with each Battle Pass season, and players can earn new Battle Pass rewards every season as they play and progress through the levels.

What other updates can we expect on launch day?

With the addition of the SOCOM and the RPG to the weapon loot table, we’ve worked to rebalance the damage and availability of certain weapons as part of launch:

  • Balance Changes
    • The Hellfire will do less damage overall, and have an even stronger damage fall-off at distances beyond 50 meters
    • M40 headshots will be fatal, even through helmets
    • Crossbows with explosive arrows will do less splash damage
  • Added Weapons
    • SOCOM – A sniper option that sits right between the Scout Rifle and the M40, with a 4x scope on it
    • RPG – A rocket launcher ideal for taking out vehicles
  • Tier Changes
    • The AR-15 will be moved to ground loot
    • Crossbows with explosive arrows will be moved into Green airdrops
    • The SOCOM will be found in Purple airdrops
    • The M40 and RPG will be found in Gold airdrops


To all those who have joined us during Open Beta so far – THANK YOU! We can’t wait to see you in the Fort on 07.08.2018 for launch day.

Source: https://www.h1z1.com/news/ps4-launch-date-announce-faq-july-2018

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