H1Z1 – New Mode: Swagnum Opus

H1Z1 – New Mode: Swagnum Opus

For the next two weekends, an explosive new Solos challenge awaits you in Arcade Mode – Swagnum Opus! In Swagnum Opus, all players spawn with the Swagnum, a very powerful sidearm that can one shot kill to the body (even in armor). Each player only starts with a single bullet for it, so make your first shot count!

More Swagnum rounds can be found in airdrop crates, and airdrops will occur more frequently throughout the match than usual. Each crate will have a few Swagnum rounds and first aid kits, but does not contain any other types of loot. Players will be flocking to these locations, so keep your head on a swivel! Getting a kill with the Swagnum will fire off a special volley of golden fireworks – it looks spectacular, but will also draw the attention of others.

The only other weapon that spawns on the map is the Crossbow, and its only ammo type is the new Firework Bolt. These Bolts have a small explosive range and will launch fireworks when they hit a target – or, they’ll detonate in the air if they don’t hit anything. The Crossbow has a longer reload time and lower damage output than the Swagnum. This makes it a decent backup weapon for when Swagnum rounds are low or being saved for other fights.

The only vehicles that spawn on the map are ATVs, which can be used for quick getaways. The toxic gas in Swagnum Opus starts off with a smaller ring, has fewer phases, and moves more slowly than usual. Each Swagnum Opus match takes place at sunset, giving the fireworks display an extra pop!

To play Swagnum Opus, select the “Arcade” option from the Play menu. Swagnum Opus will be available at the below times in each region:

  • NA Swagnum Opus:
    • 10AM PDT on Friday, September 7 through 10AM PDT on Monday, September 10
    • 10AM PDT on Friday, September 14 through 10AM PDT on Monday, September 17
  • EU Swagnum Opus:
    • 7PM CEST on Friday, September 7 through 7PM CEST on Monday, September 10
    • 7PM CEST on Friday, September 14 through 7PM CEST on Monday, September 17


Each weekend that Swagnum Opus is available, there will be a new matching Challenge waiting for you. For the first weekend, kill 5 enemies in Swagnum Opus matches to earn 10 Battle Pass medals! These kills don’t all have to be in one match (though you’ll score extra cool points), and you can achieve them with any weapon. Check back in next weekend to see what new Challenge and reward awaits!

Source: https://www.h1z1.com/news/ps4-swagnum-opus-september-2018

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