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Fortnite – 14.00 Patch Notes | BUG FIXES IN CREATIVE

ISLANDS BUG FIXES Fixed an issue with multiple floating assets on Fortilla Island. Fixed an issue where several assets had an incorrect, large memory cost when placed. GAMEPLAY BUG FIXES Fixed an issu...

Fortnite – 13.40 Patch Notes | BUG FIXES IN CREATIVE

ISLANDS Renamed the Arena Island to Fortilla Island – A fortress on the water. Added Debris Island – An empty version of the Fortilla Island. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the Roboto font...

Fortnite – Save the World | HOMEBASE STATUS REPORT 8.5.2020

“Commanders, I’ve concocted some new effectiveness enhancements that I think you’ll enjoy. Overflowing with Llamas? Exploit the new Bulk opening! This new productivity choice can ope...

Fortnite – Save the World | HOMEBASE STATUS REPORT

Put your best pirate-foot (or leg!) forward because it’s time to suit up, loot up, and tackle the brand new pirate questline: Yarr’s Return! YARR’S RETURN! Blakebeard’s ghost is having trouble fitting...

Fortnite – 13.20 Patch Notes | Bug Fixes

BUG FIXES IN CREATIVE – V13.20 6.26.2020 By The Fortnite Team ISLANDS ​​​​​Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where players could bypass edit permissions to edit another player’s island. Fixed an issue wh...

Fortnite – 13.0 Patch Notes | Bug Fixes

ISLANDS Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where islands using the matchmaking portals were underwater Fixed an issue where My Island settings were missing Fixed an issue where player names and location setting...

Fortnite – 12.50 Patch Notes

GAMEPLAY Bug Fixes Players can no longer access My Island settings while in a game. Fixed an issue where players cannot activate or deactivate phase mode using a controller. Fixed an issue where playe...

Fortnite – 12.00 Patch Notes | Battle Royale Fixes

CREATIVE What’s New? Yacht and Shark Galleries and Shark Island Join the yacht club and add some luxury to your island or make your own secret hideout on the new Shark Island with the Yacht and Shark ...

Fortnite – 11.40 Patch Notes | Battle Royale Fixes

v11.40 is live for Battle Royale and includes the following changes: Introducing Sidegrading: the Heavy Assault Rifle returns. In non-competitive playlists, you can now use Upgrade Machines to “Sidegr...

Fortnite – 11.31 Patch Notes | WINTERFEST 2019

WINTERFEST 2019 BEGINS Tis the freez-on! Welcome to Winterfest. Throughout the holiday season, we’re getting festive with free gifts, new Challenges, and more. WINTERFEST PRESENTS… PRESENTS Drop in th...

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Assemble in Fortnite this week and get The First Avenger… Captain America! Debuting today in the Item Shop, Cap’s Outfit includes two items: his Proto-Adamantium Pickaxe and Back Bling. Wield the shie...[Read More]


Homebase Commanders, Fortnite has always been in a constant state of evolution since we first began development, and so much has changed over the years as we’ve played and developed the game wit...[Read More]

Fortnite – Dive Into Fortnite Summer Splash 2020!

By Fornite Team; With the flood turning the entire Island into a waterfront destination, it’s time to grab your swimsuit, an ice-cold jar of Slurp Juice, and dive into the Summer Splash. From now unti...[Read More]

Fortnite – Competitive Prize & Payment Changes

COMPETITIVE PRIZES UPDATE As of late, we encountered delays in Competitive prize installments because of two separate issues. The principal issue was identified with our DreamHack Anaheim occasion. He...[Read More]


Hi, Epic community. We have some important updates on Competitive prizes and Support-A-Creator payments. COMPETITIVE PRIZES UPDATE Recently, we experienced delays in Competitive prize payments due to ...[Read More]

Fortnite – PS5 & XBOX SERIES X Update Q&A

IS THIS AN ALL-NEW FORTNITE? No, this is not a new version of Fortnite. It’s Fortnite optimized to take advantage of the new hardware and features on next-gen consoles. HOW WILL FORTNITE TAKE ADVANTAG...[Read More]

Fortnite – THE NFL RETURNS !

As you countdown to Super Bowl Sunday kickoff, there’s no better way to get ready than dropping into Fortnite. Starting January 30 and running through Super Bowl Sunday, Team Rumble is now a gridiron ...[Read More]

Fortnite – Zone Wars

Get Ready to Reload, The #FortniteZoneWars is on and it’s your turn to join the fight. You will face off against friend and foe in quick rounds of intense head-to-head build battles as the storm quick...[Read More]

Fortnite – AIM ASSIST is COMING in 10.40 !!

With v10.40 comes improvements to both Aim Assist and Sensitivity settings for controllers. We’ve also got a new playlist called “The Combine”, where you can test these changes and compete to be the f...[Read More]


We’re teaming up with YouTube to level up your live viewing experience in Fortnite special and competitive live broadcasts. A new and exciting feature debuts today for Fortnite fans: Drops! Starting t...[Read More]

Release Date:25.07.2017
Developed By:Epic Games, People Can Fly
Publisher:Epic Games

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Fortnite – 14.00 Patch Notes | BUG FIXES IN CREATIVE

ISLANDS BUG FIXES Fixed an issue with multiple floating assets on Fortilla Island. Fixed an issue where several assets had an incorrect, large memory cost when ...

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