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World of Tanks – 1.6.1 Patch Notes | Ranked Battles Changes

Main Changes Multinational Vehicles Players can change the nation of some Premium vehicles. These include well-known captured vehicles, vehicles supplied under Lend-Lease, and vehicles representative ...

World of Tanks – 1.6 Patch Notes | High-Tier British Light Tanks

Main Changes Bootcamp has been significantly improved. A set of combat and Garage missions has been added. At the same time: The missions are available to new players (who have fought less than 1000 b...

World of Tanks – 1.5.1 Patch Notes

Main Changes 1. Session Statistics Added the Session Statistics functionality that give players the possibility to monitor their detailed battle statistics for the day.  It will be collected for all R...

World of Tanks – Wreckfest Event Details

Commanders! Let’s start this month with a massive bang: a new special is joining your World of Tanks activities, and this one is all about dealing damage! Let’s welcome Wreckfest, an event...

World of Tanks – 1.5 FULL PATCH NOTES !

Main Changes 1. WoT Premium Account A new type of the Premium Account (WoT Premium Account/WoT PA) is introduced. This type of the Premium Account works only in WoT. WoT Premium Account provides bonus...

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World of Tanks – x3 CREW XP Special Weekend !

May is starting, and like every year, it brings its bunch of hope and promises. The future is bright, but not everything has to change, and thus, in World of Tanks, the crew is still crucial! From May...[Read More]

World of Tanks
Release Date:12.08.2010
Genre:Action, RPG, Strategy
Developed By:Wargaming
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