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Warframe – Update 27.0 ALL HOTFIXES & PATCH NOTES | 27.1.2

Empyrean: Prime Vault 27.1.2 Kuva Lich Changes & Fixes: We have removed the back-to-back Kuva Lich weapon mechanic that was added in 26.0.7, where your Kuva Lich would have a guaranteed different ...

Warframe – 27.0 Empyrean Patch Notes

Empyrean: Update 27 EMPYREAN: TAKE FLIGHT  Update 27 has arrived.  Empyrean has arrived – your journey with your Railjack has just begun. We’re here to answer one simple question for you: “How d...

Warframe – Update 26.1 ALL HOTFIXES & PATCH NOTES | 26.1.3

Rising Tide: Hotfix 26.1.3 Additions: Added a new slider for Orbiter ‘Wear & Tear ’in the Equipment > Orbiter > Orbiter Appearance menu! This new ‘Wear & Tear’ section allows you to choo...

Warframe Update 26.1 – Rising Tide Patch Notes

DRY DOCK The Dry Dock has arrived – it’s time to prepare with a new QUEST: RISING TIDE. By the end of this quest you’ll have assembled a Railjack, but it is not ready for flight. The time will c...

Warframe – Update 26 ALL HOTFIXES |

The Old Blood: Hotfix Changes: Replaced the Lith V7 Forma Blueprint reward with the Vectis Prime Barrel to address missing Vectis piece. Improved diagnostics for GPU-driver crashes (we now se...

Warframe Update 26 – THE OLD BLOOD

This update is born of our goal to deliver you a motley of content – too much to list out in a letter, but it’s all one click away. The Highlights: GRENDEL: Consume in feeding frenzy fashion wit...

Warframe 25.8 ALL HOTFIXES | 25.8.2

Atlas Prime: Hotfix 25.8.2 Nightwave Changes: The following Acts for future Nightwaves have been changed based on player feedback: The ‘Polarized’ Act has changed from 3 Forma to 1 Forma. The ‘Grove G...

Warframe 25.8 – ATLAS PRIME UPDATE !

New Axi Relics for Atlas Prime, Tekko Prime, and Dethcube Prime now also drop in Rotation C of Galleon Disruption, Lua Disruption, and Jupiter Disruption. A 3-Day Mod Drop Chance Booster has been adde...

Warframe 25.7 ALL HOTFIXES | 25.7.8 Update

Warframe 25.7.8 Patch Notes Optimizations: Fixed the game crashing if it fails to synchronize your inbox on login (i.e. due to internet connection failure). Changes: Airborne resistance from Mods is n...

Warframe 25.7 – Saint of Altra | GAUSS – PATCH NOTES !

PASSIVE Moving Gauss increases the speed gauge, which in turn increases his shield recharge rate. MACH RUSH Burst into a hyper-sprint bowling over enemies and charging the battery. Crashing into solid...

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Warframe – PRIME VAULT OPENING 24.07.2018

Become the master of manipulation! The Prime Vault opens July 24 on all platforms. For the first time ever, the hypnotic Nyx Prime is leaving the Vault! Charging out beside her is Rhino Prime along wi...[Read More]

Release Date:25.03.2013
Genre:FPS, Free to Play, MMO
Developed By:Digital Extremes
Publisher:Digital Extremes
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