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Tap Titans 2 – 3.0 Patch Notes | BIG CHANGES

Features: The long-awaited Clan Raid update is finally here, along with Stage 70k! Titan Lords have evolved… battle as a clan against 6 new powerful Titan Lords in brand new raid environments. C...

Tap Titans 2 – Last Patch Before 3.0 | UPDATE NOTES

There is less than one week remaining until 3.0 launches and everyone can start taking down Titan Lords in the Clan Raids. What better time than now to start looking at all the Raid Cards coming to th...

Tap Titans 2 – 2.12.2 Patch Notes | Sorcerer Splash Skip, New Mystic Impact Passive Skill

Game Hive (Developers of Tap Titans 2) just released a new update to the game. Here are the details; Features: Winter ends early with the introduction of stage 55k! Increase your Sorcerer splash skip ...

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Tap Titans 2 – Devlogs Until 3.0 UPDATE, RELEASE DATE | RAID PRACTICE MODE

Set your calendars… v3.0 is releasing on Tuesday, April 30th. Apocaloctopus here with some exciting news: Patch 3.0 is nearing completion! Do you know what that means? It means that it is time to star...[Read More]

Tap Titans 2
Release Date:13.12.2016
Genre:Action, RPG
Developed By:Game Hive Corp.
Publisher:Game Hive Corp.
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