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Rainbow Six: Siege – Y5S2.1 Patch Notes

GAME UPDATES MATCH CANCELLATION Match Cancellation is a new feature that will allow players to cancel their current Ranked match under the condition that team sizes are unbalanced at the beginning of ...

Rainbow Six: Siege – Y4S4.3 Patch Notes

The Y4S4.3 patch has been deployed to PC on Jan 28th and to console a day later on the 29th. For further insight on our balancing changes in 4.3, go check out our Designer’s Notes! VULKAN API The Vulk...

Rainbow Six: Siege – Y4S4.2 Patch Notes

BUGFIXES FIXED – Clash exploit The Clash exploit is fixed with this patch and we will be re-enabling her on live for each platform as 4.2 goes out. Thank you for your patience and understanding over t...

Rainbow Six: Siege – Y4S4.1 Patch Notes

UPDATES SOUTH AFRICAN SERVERS ON XB1 AND PS4 We are happy to announce than South African server tests during Operation Shifting Tides test servers were successful. We have deployed permanent servers i...

Rainbow Six: Siege – Y4S4 Patch Notes | Operation Shifting Tides

UPDATES Due to an issue we discovered, the previously announced Playlist Guides will not be released with Y4S4 and will instead be delayed for an update in the near future. KNOWN ISSUES Players attemp...

Rainbow Six: Siege – Y4S3.1 Patch Notes | Reverse Friendly Fire

Highlights of the Y4S3.1 patch includes an update to the Reverse Friendly Fire system with RFF Squad Management, and a change to how Goyo (and Capitao’s) fire interacts with Hostage under the RFF syst...

Rainbow Six: Siege – Y4S2 Patch Notes | Operation Phantom Sight

GAMEPLAY BALANCING CHANGES STEALTH GAUGE Vigil’s ERC-7 cloaking and Caveira’s Silent step now use the same new gauge behavior system that we have introduced with Nøkk. All three abilities can be activ...

Rainbow Six: Siege – Y4S1 1.2 Patch Notes

Developers (Ubisoft) just released Y4S1 1.2 Update Notes. Patch Y4S1.2 will be deployed to PC on April 4th. Our focus for 1.2 is to target any lingering bugs or issues. Consoles will receive the Patch...

Rainbow Six: Siege – Y4S1 1.1 Patch Notes

The 1.1 patches are primarily geared towards fixing any last minute issues that were reported on the Test Server, with larger updates coming as X.2 and X.4 patches. GAMEPLAY Fixed – When Operato...

Rainbow Six: Siege – Year 4 Season 1 (Y4S1) | BURNT HORIZON Patch Notes

GAMEPLAY LEAN SPAM CAMERA PLACEMENT Previous camera placement at a full lean allowed players to fire without being completely exposed. As part of our fix to counteract lean spamming, we are shifting t...

Latest News

Rainbow Six: Siege – Call Me Harry | MINI BATTLE PASS

Phase 1 of the Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass is coming during Operation Ember Rise, from October 15th to October 22nd inclusively. Named “Call Me Harry”, it revolves around our Director of Rainbow, Dr...[Read More]

Rainbow Six: Siege – New Event : SHOWDOWN AT FORT TRUTH

They roam across the land, bringing order to those who ain’t got any, and they ain’t about to let nobody stop them. They are The Law. On the opposite side, the lawbreaking Graveltop Gang. Some say tha...[Read More]


Earlier this year, devs announced the plans to activate mandatory Two Step Verification for PC players in order to play Ranked. They are excited to announce that ranked lock for PC will be activated o...[Read More]

Rainbow Six: Siege – Elite Blitz Bundle Released

Blitz’s Elite set is now available. Unlocks the Panzerstärke uniform, victory animation, gadget skin for his G52-Tactical Shield and weapon skin for the P12, as well as the Elite Blitz Chibi cha...[Read More]


NEW DEFENDER – KAID Early in his career with the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie, he demonstrated natural leadership skills which later led to his promotion as Captain. When the reputable Kasbah Sehk...[Read More]

Rainbow Six: Siege – NEW ATTACKER NOMAD !

TRAVELER. TRAILBLAZER. FORCE OF NATURE. MEET NOMAD, THE FIRST ATTACKER WHO CAN PLACE TRAPS. Brought up in a wealthy family, she enlisted in the Royal Moroccan Army at a young age and graduated from th...[Read More]

Rainbow Six: Siege – Y3S3 Designer’s Notes | Mid Season

The “Designer’s Notes” series will provide you with insight into our Balancing team’s thoughts on Operator balancing around the middle of each Season. These will come after we have reviewed the data a...[Read More]

Rainbow Six: Siege – Collection Series 2 Released

Discover the Official Six Collection Series 2 Figurines, designed by Ubi Collectibles and Ubi Workshop. Inspired by your favorite operators, each figurine includes a unique code that unlocks an in-gam...[Read More]

Rainbow Six: Siege – Castle’s Birthday | New Weekly Challenge

The Castle Birthday Challenge start this week. CASTLE BIRTHDAY CHALLENGE Wish Castle a Happy Birthday with the Ubisoft Club Challenge. Destroy 20 attacker drones while defending to unlock Castle’...[Read More]

Rainbow Six: Siege – 3.0 Feedback | Test Server Information

MAVERICK BLOWTORCH DAMAGE TO BARBED WIRE Increase the amount of time and damage required for the Blowtorch to destroy Barbed Wire Maverick is currently too good at removing the Defender’s Barbed Wire....[Read More]

Rainbow Six: Siege
Release Date:01.12.2015
Developed By:Ubisoft Montreal

Other News and Patch Notes

Rainbow Six: Siege – Y5S2.1 Patch Notes

GAME UPDATES MATCH CANCELLATION Match Cancellation is a new feature that will allow players to cancel their current Ranked match under the condition that team s...

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