Mobile Legends – 1.4.24 Patch Notes | MLBB 2.0 is COMING !

Mobile Legends – 1.4.24 Patch Notes | MLBB 2.0 is COMING !

Developer Comments:

After this update, MLBB 2.0 is about to make its shining debut! It will scale new heights, in terms of quality, interactions and other features. (If the players have reached Lv.11 before the update, they will watch the animation of MLBB 2.0 when they enter the game for the first time.)

MLBB 2.0 is coming!

All-Round Quality Enhancement

To offer you a better visual experience, we have gone through countless designs and redone it over and over again. That’s why the new battlefield looks so vivid and delicate. We have redesigned everything to make them lifelike—the river ways, springs and creeps’ nests offer you better visual enjoyment. Even the inconspicuous waterfalls at the border of the battlefield are meticulously designed.

We have optimized the color scheme of MLBB 2.0 and chosen blue as the main color, making it look cleaner and softer. The main color, blue, presented in different shades, increases the sensation of space and creates a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere.

Optimized Interactions with Swifter Response and Easier Operation 

The dynamic ripple effect and unique tapping sounds in MLBB 2.0 will offer you an all-new audio and visual experience. To realize this, we have re-made over 30 feedback sounds, which are employed in different scenarios. All we do is to provide you with a consistent audio and visual experience so as to bring a more immersive experience for you.

We have redesigned the layouts in multiple pages and systematically improved the interactive logic to make them more convenient for players.

Reduced Memory and Smoother Experience 

As we have substantially optimized the system, the new UI will present a smoother experience along with higher quality.

New Heroes and Revamped Heroes

Revamped [Guard of Nature] – Belerick is coming to the Advanced Server as a free hero (Limited). Unavailable for purchasing. Within this duration, the Mastery Code of Belerick is unavailable.

Skill 1 – [Wrath of Thorns]: Belerick shoots at up to 3 enemy units nearby, dealing damage to all enemies on the path(s).

Skill 2 – [Nature’s Strike]: Belerick sacrifices his HP to increase his Movement Speed and strengthen his next Basic Attack, which deals extra damage to enemy and slows the enemy down. Belerick also regenerates HP.

Ultimate – [Luxuriant Foliage]: Belerick releases vines around him which will spread out continuously, dealing damage to enemies hit and immobilizing them.

Passive – [Flower of Life]: The HP obtained from Equipment will be increased. Belerick will shoot at an enemy unit nearby when he is hit, dealing damage to all enemies on the path according to his Max HP.

Weekly Free Heroes and New Skins

[Angela] New Skin – [Scream Doll]. Diamond 749. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF. Available from 00:00, October 29th (Server Time).

[Angela] and her new Skin – [Scream Doll] will be in a bundle. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF. Available from 00:00, October 29th (Server Time).

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2019/10/26 05:01:00 to 2019/11/1 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)

Kadita; Sun; Franco; Aurora; Lapu-Lapu; Helcurt; Angela; Selena

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Roger; Pharsa; Grock; Fanny: Hanzo; Terizla

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2019/11/1 05:01:00 to 2019/11/8 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)

Minotaur; Bane; Bruno; Irithel; Grock; Pharsa; Angela; Esmeralda

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Lolita; Jawhead; Cyclops; Thamuz; Claude; Khufra 

Hero Adjustments


Knightess’ Resolve: Adjusted the decreased Physical & Magic Defense from 4 to 3-6 (scales with levels). The Magic Damage dealt by Basic Attack increased from 35% to 45%. Fixed an issue where the damage dealt under full Passive Marks doesn’t match up with the actual damage

Cometic Spear: The duration of the second phase increased from 4s to 4.5s.

Spiral Strangling: The Basic Damage adjusted from 130-190 to 150-225. Magic Damage Bonus decreased from 25% to 20%. The Shield adjusted from 180-330 to 225-340. Magic Bonus decreased from 60% to 50%.

Increased HP by 300 at all levels.

Increased Physical Defense by 4 at all levels.

Added new video for Skill Demonstration.


Needles in Flowers: Decreased Basic Damage by 50 at all levels.

Crossbow of Tang: Physical ATK Bonus decreased from 75% to 63%. Increased Movement Speed by 10. ATK Speed Growth at each level decreased by 1%. Added new video for Skill Demonstration.


Curse of Crow: Increased the duration of the Slowing Effect from 1s to 1.6s.

Energy Impact: Basic Damage adjusted from 400-600 to 450-600. Magic Bonus decreased from 180% to 145%.

Feathered Air Strike: Basic Damage increased by 100 at all levels. Magic Bonus decreased from 180% to 160%.

Increased Physical Defense by 2 at all levels.


Now when Masha uses the Equipment Items – Rose Gold Meteor and Queen’s Wings, the Equipment Unique Passive will be triggered based on the total HP of 3 HP bars.

Fixed an issue where the enemies would not attack Masha first when she had more than 1 HP bar.


Power of Nature: Basic Damage adjusted from 340 + SkillLevel*60 to 240 + SkillLevel*60.


Decreased Basic HP by 80.

Spell Curse: The damage bonus of Basic Damage decreased from 8% of the target’s Max HP to 6% of the target’s Max HP.


Reverse Time: Now this skill can remove all negative effects.


Baxia-Shield Unity: The duration of the Stunning Effect when hitting the target decreased from 1s to 0.5s. The duration of the Stunning Effect when striking to the target will be still the same.


Optimized the performance when Kadita cast Ocean Oddity and hit by Silvanna’s skill – Imperial Justice.

Battlefield Adjustments


1. Optimized the performance of the arrow-shaped skill indicator again.

New Systems and Events

1. Try new Event – Gratitude Gifts:

A. Complete tasks and earn drawing chances.

B. You will have the chance to get permanent heroes and Epic Skins.

C. Please check more details in game.

System Adjustments

1. Post Screen optimization: Now players can check the history average score of the heroes they played.

2. AFK: Now the MVP of the losing team will not be judged as a negative player.


  1. Hide History Option Is Missing, Hope Will Put It Back

  2. Still no new map

  3. please give advantage to our heroes power as we are expensing money to buy diamonds. unfair matching always paired with weak players and enemies are organized team and higher rank than us. we can’t move to our rank. give us priority as we pay money to your game.

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