Fifa Mobile 20 – Europa League Event & Auctionables

Fifa Mobile 20 – Europa League Event & Auctionables

On Wednesday October 9th, we will be making a change that allows most seasonal program players to be auctionable immediately, pending a content update that should go live with a morning deploy. The estimated time of this content update is between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM Pacific Time on Wednesday, October 9th.  We feel that this change will allow you more options when building your Ultimate Team.  Please follow us on Twitter for any updates to this estimated time.

The following program players will be auctionable:

  • TOTW
  • Summer Showdown
  • Derby, Oktoberfest
  • Europa (this includes MOTM players)
  • Champions League
  • Star Pass

The following program players will non-auctionable:

  • Legacy
  • World Tour
  • Zidane Campaign
  • Now and Later


Event Type: Group Stage

Event Duration: October 9th to October 16th

Event Energy Type: UEL Energy (Refreshes 1 energy every 1 hour)

Event Player Auction Status: Auctionable on release

Event Ads: 3 ads per day

Greetings Footballers Around The World!

Europa League Group Stage continues this week with the second installment.  In this event, you will play through Europa League Draws consisting of various matches and skill games as you chase players from each group.

The mechanics of this event remain the same, you can read about them HERE.

There is a change for Bonus Claims.  We have added a 9 claim and 12 claim threshold:

  • Claim 6x Europa Player Offers, you will be awarded an 80 OVR Elite Europa Player.
  • Claim 9x Europa Player Offers, you will be awarded 150 skill boosts.
  • Claim 12x Europa Player Offers, you can choose between 250 skill boosts or an 83 OVR Elite Europa Player.

Here are the players that will be in the 2nd installment of the Europa League Event:


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