Dead Cells – 1.6.1 & 1.6.2 Patch Notes

Dead Cells – 1.6.1 & 1.6.2 Patch Notes

1.6.2 Patch Notes


  • Shocker can no longer be shielded by Shielder. Our windows shall remain safe.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Ice Shield not freezing parried mob through wall or shield.
  • Fixed Outfit selection showcasing incorrect colors.
  • Fixed a certain spoiler item not being reactivable.

1.6.1 Patch Notes


  • Ice Shield freeze effects (AOE and freezing projectiles) now only trigger on perfect parries.
  • Meat Skewer dash can now be cut short to ensure better combos.
  • Ice Shield can no longer roll DOT affixes, causing frozen enemies to unfreeze immediatly.

Bug fixes

  • Replaced Failed Experiment by Zombies in Ossuary at lower difficulties.
  • Reverted Hunter’s grenade door increased cost due to its legendary nature. (The item is still legendary, but the door cost the same as before.)
  • Fixed a level generation error in Prison.
  • Fixed Heart of Ice not procing on frozen enemies. That was … uh … kind of the whole point, wasn’t it?
  • Fixed Heart of Ice triggering on shield parries.
  • Fixed Ice Armor exploding on shield parry.


  1. I wonder, will mit always be that was? Will Switch always be a major version behind?

  2. Obviously nobody cares about the switch version.

  3. Any word about the switch version?


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