Dead Cells – 1.2.7 Patch Notes

Dead Cells – 1.2.7 Patch Notes

Important features

  • Community suggestion Increased overall player HP.


  • Community suggestion Enemies protected by shields can’t teleport.
  • Balanced Pyrotechnics damage.
  • Community suggestion Slightly reduced boss HP in BC4-5.
  • Community suggestion Balanced Owl damage. It now shoots 2 bullets when buffed.
  • Fixed Boi Axe diminishing returns (stops working on the same enemy after X uses).
  • Community suggestion Balanced Blade combo lasts for much longer. The combo is now also canceled if the player gets hit.
  • FailedExperiment can no longer dodge player attacks if the attack happens behind him.
  • Community suggestion Balanced Magic Missile damage.
  • Community suggestion Hayabusa boots will now inflict extra damage to enemies pushed against a wall. The bump effect on last hit is also slightly more powerful.
  • Greed Shield now drops higher rewards if you own less than X gold. This number scales with your stats.

Level design

  • Fixed some rooms in Cavern.
  • Fixed Cavern generation errors.
  • Fixed Ancient Sewers generation errors.
  • Fixed Graveyard generation errors.
  • Updated the level generator of Cavern.
  • Community suggestion Fixed lore rooms building in unfortunate locations in Stilt Village
  • Community suggestion Added some spikes on walls in Conjonctivius lair.

Graphics & UI

  • Community suggestion Updated Magic Missile player animations.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a few crashes.

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