Realm Royale – Cute But Deadly Pack – NEW DLC

Realm Royale – Cute But Deadly Pack – NEW DLC

Looks can be deceiving in Realm Royale’s newest DLC! The Cute But Deadly Pack contains the following items:

  • Cat Nap Chicken
  • Neck Slice Emote
  • 800 Crowns

Lull your enemies into a false sense of security with the deceptively cute Cat Nap chicken! With the new Chicken Combat system, becoming a chicken is anything but a snooze. Accompanying the Cat Nap skin, you’ll also unlock the Neck Slice emote to let your opponents know you may be cute, but you’re a deadly adversary in the Realm. Plus, you’ll unlock 800 Crowns that can be used to unlock premium content or Battle Passes in the Shop!


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