Black Desert Mobile – Siege War FULL Guide

Black Desert Mobile – Siege War FULL Guide

One of the best ways to foster unity in your Guild is to participate in Node War or Siege War. Siege War will allow your Guild to take control of a Castle!

1. Siege War Schedule

① When

Siege War will take place every Saturday between 20:00 ~ 22:00 (For all servers).

② Where

Siege War will take place in 2 areas on each server: Goyen and Cartian. 3 Guilds can participate in each Siege War.

2. Siege War Bidding

■ How to Bid

You can find out more details on Siege War, and begin bidding, by tapping the [Siege] button in Guild Fortress – Siege Gateway.

■ Requirements

– Guilds must be at least level 5

– Guilds must possess a level 2 or higher Node.

– At least 10 Guild members must be in the Guild that is bidding for the Siege War.

※Guild Masters and Officers can make a bid only if all the requirements above are met.

※ Siege War bidding will automatically be placed on either Goyen or Cartian.

※ If your Guild wins the bid for Siege War, all Nodes that your Guild controls will be lost.

Bidding is carried out with Guild Funds, and the Guilds with the top 3 bids will be chosen.

However, Guilds must have at least 10 Guild members in the Guild at the time of bidding and at least 10 Guild members must participate in the Siege War.

If your Guild fails to have at least 10 Guild members participating in the Siege War, your Guild won’t be able to make another bid for the next 7 days following the end of the Siege War.

3. Siege Preparation

Once the bids are completed and 3 Guilds are chosen, the preparation period will begin.

Preparation time is 10 hours (10:00 – 20:00, for all servers), and this is the time to prepare and discuss strategies for the upcoming Siege War

① Reinforcement

By using Camp Resources, you can raise the levels of your Guard Tower, Barricade, and Holy Artifact up to level 10.

There are no other restrictions to reinforcement though there are separate offensive and defensive units with which to reinforce.

Role Reinforceable Objects
Attackers Guard Tower, Barricade, Holy Artifact
Defenders Gate Sentry, Guard Tower, Holy Artifact


② Siege Weapons

You cannot produce or level up Siege weapons during the Siege War. This must be completed during the preparation phase.

Armory Craft Cannons.
Den Purchase Elephants and Ogres.


Please note that the available Siege Weapons for Attackers and Defenders are different.

Siege Weapons can only be summoned by Guild Masters and Officers.

※Maximum number of summonable Guild Siege Weapons present at any stage of the battle is as follows:

Max. Summon Attackers Defenders
Ogre 1 O X
Elephants 1 O O
Cannons 3 O O


③ Guild Skills

Only the Guild Masters and Officers can use a Guild Skill.

“Call to Battle” is a Guild Skill that can be leveled up during the Siege War. The leveled-up effects of the skill will apply immediately, even during the Siege War.

④ Deploying Guild Members

During the preparation phase, The Guild Master or Officers can strategically deploy their Guild Members.

※Guild Members can only participate in Siege War if it occurs at least 7 days after the date they joined the Guild.

※Keep in mind that while it is possible to reassign Guild Members during the Siege War, those Guild Members will be moved to the Guild Fortress and will need to re-enter the Siege War.

Guild Members can be placed in 4 different areas. Each area can have various strategic purposes.

Location Max. The number of Guild Members that can be placed.
Main Castle 50
East Tower 5
West Tower 5
South Tower 5


4. Start of Battle

① Siege War Main Castle Battle

In the Main Castle, both the attackers and defenders will fight for the Holy Artifact. The result of the battle in the Main Castle will be the deciding factor for the outcome of the Siege War.

② Border Battle

There are 3 separate Borders: East, West and South, with each containing the Eastern Tower, Western Tower, and Southern Tower, respectively. If a Guild destroys the tower in a Border, it will be replaced by the attacking Guild’s tower. Likewise, if another Guild destroys the already conquered tower in the Outskirts, it will be replaced by that Guild’s tower.

Destroying Border Towers will activate special functions.

East Border Tower Provide Hwacha Bombardment Support on the Main Castle Battle.
Hwacha bombardment Support – Damages enemy characters and enemy defenses.
West Border Tower Provide Cannon Bombardment Support on the Main Castle Battle.
Cannon Bombardment Support – Deals huge damage on enemy characters and causes knockdown.
South Border Tower Gives a AP and DP buff that applies to all battlefields.


③ Destroying Bridges/Barricades

The Guild Master of the defending Guild can choose to destroy Bridges or Barricades used by Attackers by spending Guild Funds. This will kill opposing Guild Members and destroy Siege Weapons in the area.

※Bridges and Barricades cannot be destroyed at the same time.

If the crossroads are destroyed, attackers must use an alternate path. This will also restrict how they can move their siege weapons. The destruction of bridges and barricades lasts for 5 minutes, so destroying it at the right time can bring strategic advantages.

④ Character Respawn

Adventurers will respawn at different locations based on the current state of the Siege War.

[No gates are destroyed]

– Attacker side 1: can respawn at the Holy Artifact

– Attacker side 2: can respawn at the Holy Artifact

– Defender side: can choose to respawn at the Holy Artifact,  Outer Gate 1 or Outer Gate 2

[Outer Gate 1 is destroyed]

– Attacker side 1: choose to respawn from the Holy Artifact or Outer Gate 1

– Attacker side 2: can respawn at the Holy Artifact

– Defender side: Choose to respawn from Holy Artifact, Inner Gate 1 or Outer Gate 2

[Inner Gate 1 is destroyed]

– Attacker side 1: choose to respawn from the Holy Artifact or Inner Gate 1

– Attacker side 2: can respawn at Holy Artifact

– Defender side: choose to respawn from the Holy Artifact or Outer Gate 2

※The above stipulations also apply when the outer and inner gates are destroyed on the second attacker’s part of the map.

5. Victory and Reward

If the attackers destroy the defenders’ Holy Artifact, the attackers win.

If the defenders destroy the attackers’ Holy Artifact or protect their Holy Artifact until the Siege War ends, the defenders win.

The winning Guild can collect tax as Guild Funds and distribute Guild Bonuses to Guild members while they occupy the castle.

The Hidden Banquet Hall

Guild members can enter the Hidden Banquet Hall and battle each other.

※ There is a chance to obtain materials that can be used to craft the Mystical Regal Accessory series.

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