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Lineage 2: Revolutions – Kamael Update | September 2019

1. Capture the Flag improvement • Victory, Draw, and Defeat Conditions have been changed – Before: The match will be concluded as “Draw” if the final number of flags captured by both...

Lineage 2: Revolutions – June 2019 UPDATE

1. New Battle Royale Event Battle Royale is an event where players can prove their skills. Everyone will have the same equipment, level, and stats in this event. Control will be the key factor to eith...

Lineage 2: Revolutions – March 2019 UPDATE

New Territory and Level Expansion With the addition of Schuttgart, character levels have been expanded. If you’re curious about new lands, quests, and monsters, then be sure to head for Schuttgart Ter...

Lineage 2: Revolutions – January 2019 UPDATE

1. Temporal Rift: Temple of Dragon Hearts The new Temporal Rift – Temple of Dragon Hearts will be added. Battle the new Draconian bosses in the dungeon for a chance to acquire the new cloak. 1) ...

Lineage 2: Revolutions – DC Batman Update

  1. DC Batman Collaboration Part 1  Aden’s Nebulite fragments have fallen into the hands of ‘The Scarecrow!’  He used the Nebulite fragments to create his infamous Fear Gas, which he uses to con...

Lineage 2: Revolutions – New Mount,New Boss, New Items and Item Changes

Greetings, Heroes of Aden! We have new info on the new items, Limited Adena bundles, and the extended and discontinued items for this patch. Check out the details below, and don’t miss out on the chan...

Lineage 2:Revolutions – 28.06.2018 Patch Notes

Lineage 2: Revolution developers released new patch details. Here is the list The June patch brings a variety of new and improved content, including improvements to the Enhancement system (as explaine...

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Lineage 2:Revolutions – Google Play Store Issue FIXED

At the moment, we have identified an issue regarding game items not being sent properly after purchasing from the Google Play Store. This issue has been confirmed as occurring for not only Lineage 2: ...[Read More]

Lineage 2: Revolutions – Quest Scroll Reset Issue

There was a bug that you can not reset the daily quest and it seems developers solved the issue. Scrolls can be reset by using red diamonds. However at the moment, the incorrect amount of red diamonds...[Read More]

Lineage 2: Revolution
Release Date:14.12.2016
Genre:Free to Play, MMO, RPG
Developed By:Netmarble Neo
Publisher:Netmarble Games
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