Latest Patch Notes

Dota 2 – 7.24b Patch Notes

Items Bracer Magic resistance reduced from 5% to 4% Desolator Armor reduction reduced from 7 to 6 Damage increased from 50 to 60 Diffusal Blade Mana burnt per attack reduced from 50 to 40 Maelstrom Ch...

Dota 2 – 7.24 Patch Notes

General Heroes now have a dedicated neutral items slot. A maximum of one neutral item can be equipped on your hero. There is now a Neutral Item Stash in the fountain. Neutral items are now stored ther...

DOTA 2 – 7.23f Patch Notes

General Gold bonus for the team that is behind is no longer considered if the difference is only 1k or less Heroes Doom Starting strength reduced by 2 Scorched Earth Scorched Earth damage reduced from...

DOTA 2 – 7.23d & 7.23e Patch Notes

7.23e Patch Notes General Outposts XP is now every 10 minutes instead of every 5 (XP is 20*Min-50) Removed the two non-Roshan Shrines (initial delay from 5 to 7 minutes, cooldown from 5 to 4) Removed ...

DOTA 2 – 7.23c Patch Notes

General Outpost XP reduced from 25 per minute to 18 Level 10 XP talents reduced from 20/25/30/40 (most were 25/30) to 20% Level 15 XP talents reduced from 35/40/50 to 35% Glyph duration on creeps redu...

DOTA 2 – 7.23a Patch Notes | Neutral Drop Changes

General Neutral drops will now always drop only 3 items per tier, rather than having a chance to get more Neutral drops no longer have an end period in terms of when they can drop, just a start period...

DOTA 2 – 7.23 Patch Notes | The Outlanders Update

General Updates Courier Each player now has their own courier automatically Courier now gains levels when your hero gains levels Courier movement speed reduced from 380 to 275 Courier health reduced f...

DOTA 2 – 7.22h Patch Notes

GENERAL Basic Neutrals now give 5% less XP ITEMS MEDALLION OF COURAGE Armor reduced from 6 to 5 PHASE BOOTS Armor reduced from 5 to 4 RING OF PROTECTION No longer available in side shop SOLAR CREST Ar...

DOTA 2 – 7.22f Patch Notes

ITEMS AGHANIM’S SCEPTER Consuming recipe cost reduced from 2000 to 1800 HEROES ABADDON Base attack speed increased from 115 to 120 Base armor increased by 1 ANCIENT APPARITION COLD FEET Cold Fee...

DOTA 2 – 7.22e Patch Notes

GENERAL Low ground miss and miss debuff chance is now Pseudo Random ITEMS MAELSTROM Chain Lightning damage reduced from 160 to 150 STOUT SHIELD No longer stacks (only one chance attempt) HEROES ABADDO...

Latest News

DOTA 2 – Matchmaking System Changed**

Today’s update is once again centered on improving our Matchmaking system, focusing primarily on fixing issues that arose from our previous update. We understand that some players, especially at the h...[Read More]

DOTA 2 – New Dota Plus UPDATE

Available now in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, the Dota Pro Circuit companion app lets you earn Shards by predicting the winners of DPC matches, compete for even more Shards in the Fant...[Read More]

Dota 2 – Grimstoke | NEW HERO

Chosen to serve as an arcane guardian of his people, Grimstroke was instead responsible for their eternal corruption. Trapped in agony as inky revenants, his former kindred cast cruel shadows of what ...[Read More]

DOTA 2 – Meepo Announcer Pack

Today’s update digs up the new Meepo Announcer Pack, available to all Battle Pass owners who pile up enough Battle Points to reach Level 75 and above. Featuring the voices of Meepo, Meepo, and Meepo, ...[Read More]

DOTA 2 – Collector’s Cache Volume 2

Unable to be contained by a single treasure, the International 2018 Collector’s Cache expands this year’s collection with the arrival of Cache Volume II. Available exclusively to Battle Pass owners fo...[Read More]

DOTA 2 – Collector’s Aegis of Champions and Baby Roshan Registration

The 2018 Collector’s Rewards registration site is now open. All Battle Pass owners who reach Battle Level 1000 are invited to receive The International 2018 Collector’s Aegis, and those who reach Leve...[Read More]

DOTA 2 – The Promise of Eminent Revival

With today’s update, the Promise of Eminent Revival is met, and all Battle Pass owners who have reached Level 615 can now find this new treasure bundle awaiting in the Armory. These items are exclusiv...[Read More]

DOTA 2 – Dota Plus Summer Update

Today’s patch brings a summer update to Dota Plus that is focused on making improvements to some existing features and implementing a handful of new things for all Dota Plus subscribers. In addition t...[Read More]

DOTA 2 – New Ranked Season

DOTA Team said; The new Ranked Season of DOTA will go live with 06.06.2018 update. As we kick off the season, your new Ranked Medal will be calculated through a calibration period of ten games. This s...[Read More]

Release Date:09.07.2013
Genre:Free to Play, MOBA
Developed By:Valve Corporation
Publisher:Valve Corporation
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Other News and Patch Notes

Dota 2 – 7.24b Patch Notes

Items Bracer Magic resistance reduced from 5% to 4% Desolator Armor reduction reduced from 7 to 6 Damage increased from 50 to 60 Diffusal Blade Mana burnt per a...

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